Applications Of Quick Exhaust Valves

Pneumatic industry requires a number of valves and pipe fittings. From pneumatic check valves to flow featurescontrol regulators, specific applications require various components to work together.

Quick exhaust valves, or QEVs, are designed to increase a cylinder’s cycle speed in a pneumatic system. Installing a pneumatic QEV, either at the rod end or the blind end of a cylinder, will cause rapid extension or rapid retraction. This depends on your requirements.

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An Outline of Sealexcel Quick Exhaust Valves

Quick exhaust valves are special valves which are added to a cylinder to increase the cycle speed ofQuick Exhaust Valves manufacturer - Sealexcel pneumatic cylinder time during return of the piston. They are used in the inlet of a spring return or a double acting pneumatic cylinder.

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