Industries that SEALEXCEL can Serve (Part 1)

In a couple of our previous posts, we talked about the benefits that our clients can receive when they choose to do business with us. We discussed our design, development and manufacturing processes and talked about how these can help us manufacture products that can pass any international standard. Today, we are going to talk about how these products are durable and safe enough to be used in different industries.

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5 Points to Consider in 3- Way Ball Valve

Known as a straight through and quarter-turn products, 3- Way ball valves possess a circular closure constituent with identical curved seats authorizing standardized sealing pressure. They have 3- sides that make them comfortable towards connecting various pipes together. Ever thought as to how ball valves got its product name? It is because of a ball that revolves to unbolt and shut the valve. These are the following parameters that are followed by a top quality 3-way ball valve manufacturer in India.

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Advantages Of Stainless Steel Compression Fittings

compression tube fittings

Stainless steel compression fittings are used in the industry within a variety of sectors, to ensure flawless and consistent processes, with a minimum risk of errors and the assurance of a long service life.

While other material compression fittings are also available for use within the sector, stainless steel options attract a lot of preference from manufacturers within a wide portfolio of industries. From chemical plants to other technical and technological sectors, stainless steel fittings are used where durability and error free function is required.

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The Functions And Uses Of Bleeder Valves In Hot Water Heating Systems

bleed valve

Amongst the long list of valve fittings available in the industry, the bleeder valve is one which is used in hot water heating systems for different functions and applications.

What Are Bleeder Valves And What Are They Used For?

These valve fittings are used for a specific purpose in the industry. They are utilized in hot water heating systems, to remove unwanted air from the process. The valve helps fix noisy hot or cold water heating baseboards and radiators.

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The Use Of Flow Control Valves In Pneumatic Control Systems

flow control regulators

Flow control valves are special fittings designed for use in sophisticated hydraulic and pneumatic systems. These valves include simple tool orifices, along with a sophisticated set of closed loop set of electrohydraulic valves that are expertly designed to adjust to the different variations in system temperature and pressure.

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The Use Of Ball Valves Within The Chemical Industry

Ball valves manufacturers

Ball valves are utilized in a number of industrial sectors, and are designed to be in complete accordance with the industry specified standards, to ensure smooth flow of operations. It is analyzed that all ball valves manufactured. conform to the safety, quality and engineering principles, which are designed as per the specific needs within an industry. Adherence and conformity to these standards, ensures reliable and prolonged protection against any major environmental concerns.

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Valve Manufacturers – Offering Solutions For A Number Of Industrial And Everyday Uses

manifold valves

Valves manufacturers offer a variety of solutions for both everyday regular use and industrial applications in the different sectors. When it comes to valves and the different valve fittings, there is a long list which is used within the various sectors of the industry, to ensure the efficient and smooth flow of operations, without any issue. Regulators and sliders, as well as gaskets and seals are used to make proper working systems that give high productivity with a low chance of error.

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Application Of Stainless Steel Push In Fittings In Different Industrial Segments


Stainless steel push in fittings are designed to simplify the process of removal and installation of fittings in different system structures. These push in fittings ensure easy and quick manual connection, attachment and removal of a fitting easily. These fittings are designed for pneumatic systems and are widely used in a large and highly diverse variety of industrial sectors.

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Needle Valves- How Are They Different From Flow Control


Needle valves are fittings which are designed with a slender and tapered point at the end of its valve stem. This is the valve’s stem which is actually lowered right through the seat, to block or restrict the flow.

Needle valves are used to ensure that the fluid passes through the valve, and actually turns 90 degrees before it passes through an orifice which serves as the seat. This seat comes with a rod having a cone shaped tip. The valves are actually used to regulate the actual flow of liquids as well as gases, at rates which are set at a low flow.

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Quick Exhaust Valves And Their Application – An Overview


Do you know what quick exhaust valves are? They are special fittings used in the different sectors of the industry for the purpose of increasing the cycle speed of a cylinder. The retraction and extension of the quick exhaust valve depends upon the actuation requirements of the system.

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