Push On Fittings: A Viable Choice for Pneumatic Industries

The rapid screw or push-on fittings have multiple applications in the pneumatic industries. They help in making the right connection between a water supply valve and soft tubing. They ensure a simple insertion of tubing into the fitting for making secure connections. These valves can be used manually without any special tools. They ensure a … Read more

Things to Know About Push to Connect Air Line Fittings

Due to their resistance to aggressive industrial environment and corrosive substances, push to connect air line fittings are widely preferred in food processing, chemical, marine, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. These fittings have compatibility with the tubes made with low-density polyethylene, copper, stainless steel, polyurethane, fluoropolymer, and semi-rigid nylon. They facilitate manual handling without any special … Read more

Stainless steel alloys – characteristics and types

Stainless steel (SS) is an alloy of steel -itself an alloy of iron and carbon – with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. Carbon steel rusts readily when ss-pipe-fittings-suppliersexposed to air and moisture. In SS, however the chromium present undergoes passivation, forming an inert layer of chromium oxide on the surface. This layer prevents further corrosion of the underlying metal.

Hence SS alloys are used widely in precision pipe fittings. SS pipe fittings suppliers find a great deal of demand for their products across many industries. Let us have a look at SS and its properties:

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Push-On Fittings: A Reliable Solution For The Pneumatic Industry

Push-on fittings, also called rapid screw fittings, are widely used in pneumatic industries. These are best suited to work with soft Industrytubings in various pneumatic systems.

The grip of these fittings is strong and steady. Their swivel part prevents twining of the pipe, making them steadier than other fittings.

Common applications of push-on fittings

These fittings are designed to be part of a number of industrial applications and processes:

  • Pneumatic control environments and systems
  • Air supply flow as part of sophisticated pneumatic machines
  • Precision components in various automatic devices

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Five Mistake To Avoid When Dealing With Hydraulic Leaks


1. Keep you distance

Hydraulic fluid reaches temperatures of 300°F or higher!
Moreover, these leaks can be in excess of 600ft/s velocity and have been known to penetrate through skin, even with protective gear on.

2. Don’t over tighten

This ruins fitting integrity and is one of the most common causes of tube fitting leaks.
Be sure to assess the fitting connection before instinctively tightening.

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Valves And Fittings – A Short Guide For Material Selection

When it comes to industrial valves and fittings, you want to go for the best available material. That should not be the deciding Fittingsfactor.

Why? Because, the unit may not be suitable for your particular application.

As a fluid system engineer or plant manager, you have to be aware of all your system requirements. The fluid itself, temperature and pressure conditions, and several other factors must be considered.

It is important to choose valves and fittings constructed with the right materials. If you do your research before making the purchase, you can save the system from potential failure.

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Compression Fittings – Are They A Fitting Solution For Your System?

Fitting Solution

Industrial systems use a wide range of valves and tube fittings. These components are carefully selected to ensure compatibility, performance and safety.

Whether you’re working with a pneumatic or a hydraulic system, you must be equipped to differentiate between different valves and fittings.

It can be hard to distinguish between threaded and compression fittings. It may be even more difficult to understand if the compression fittings will match your system.

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SealExcel’s Quick Exhaust Valves Are The Perfect Fit For Your System

Pneumatic industries require precision system components to achieve high performance in a very small time period. Speed as constructionwell as efficiency is important in these systems.

Certain valves and couplings are designed to help achieve this rapid action. Quick exhaust valves, or QEVs, remain one of the most popular components in pneumatic applications.

As quick exhaust valve suppliers, we recommend opting for stainless steel products. They offer high tolerance and can fit almost any system and industrial process.

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